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Guitar Tuition for all levels

This You?

Would you like to impress your family at home? Would you like to jam with your friends. Would you like to play your favourite songs around the campsite? Would you like to get paid pub gigs? Would you like to make a living from your music? Would you like to teach your kids an instrument of personal expression?

Playing a guitar is a wonderful and fulfilling activity. Whatever your heart’s desire… I can help get you there.

Wherever you are at with your guitar playing, you can always improve. Maybe you have no idea how to play. Maybe you are happy enough just jamming around at home with friends on weekends. Maybe you have ambitions to be a professional performer under lights at live venues. This is all possible with practise.

Just for fun


Keep at it






I offer

Big fan of finger picking and open tunings… jump on in with me, see if you like what I can show.

What I do teach

•   Open chords – the easy way to play

•   Bar chords – good for rock rhythms

•   Finger picking – my favourite style

•   Alternate tuning – guitar sounds different

•   Show you how to play your favourite songs

What I don’t teach

•   Theory

•   Scales

•   Lead

•   Sight read

•   Jazz chords


Let’s get your basic chords and rhythm happening, along with your finger and hand dexterity for quick, thoughtless and accurate chord changes.


It’s great to delve into finger picking and we can work on your favourite songs so you can show all your friends and become an online superstar.


Diversifying your fret position selection to get a different sound out from your instrument. You want to sound fluid and effortless while you play.

World Class

My accompaniment playing style and composition abilities are probably more suitable for your project than any of my technique training.

Used to teach

There was a time when I used to give lessons in a music school, until they told me to teach from a book, so I quit… every student is unique and at a different level. If I can’t adjust to them individually with my own skill, abilities & what I have learnt.. then I don’t deserve to share what I can do with a guitar to serve you best, but I can and will.. so let’s jam!

Lesson one on one or group

Come and get guitar lessons from me in my home in Cronulla, Sutherland Shire, Sydney. While I build this up, lessons are AU$20 half hour. I can come to you for increased rate depending on travel time.

Lesson on video call

We can video call lessons at scheduled times for defined periods. Click the logo to contact me on Skype to chat about lessons or book a time. Introductory price of AU$10 for 15 minute blocks.

Lesson online

Here is a new way to get instant onlinelessons, this is a great online initiative.. I’m jumping on board, so here is my introductory price of AU$1min (U.S. 70c min) while this web platform gets off the ground. 

My music

Strings – Dancing Fingers

Instrumental Guitar Trio


Perform in Dancing Fingers Guitar Trio, with 2 maestro’s & friends for almost 20 years.


I’m learning too

Continuing to learn myself, am also a new student of world renowned Victor Martinez Parada, who said to me “keep practising and you’ll be good”.. nothing like an honest reality check. Learn then teach, that is how the cycle goes.. one day it will be your turn to teach, but for now come have some fun with me!

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Your thoughts

If you have a moment, send me a quick message with any thoughts, feedback, or suggestions you may have about my teaching methods or things in general. I’ll have a think and get back to you.

Great messages can win free lesson time done through Skype. If you’re selected I will let you know by email.

Thanks for stopping by.

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